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  • Nathalie
    My husband and I have been married for more than 20 years. He is 50 years old this year. Before, he often had sex, now you have to give him a blowjob. His erectile ability is weak and he is lethargic. Order the capsule EffectEro. I bought a package at the post office. Capsules really help.
  • Daniel
    After 40 years, I noticed that Alfazame's man is no longer lying in bed as before. I no longer desire to have sex, and I have no erections even in the morning. My wife doesn't like it, she ordered EffectEro capsules on the manufacturer's website. I just purchased a product. One week after the administration, the result made me feel good. Now I have sex again!
  • Martine
    I want to date a man ten years older than me. Recently, we lost our sex life, which bothers me. It turns out that he was under pressure at work and his erection disappeared. We went to see the doctor and he prescribed EffectEro capsules. He said that you can buy it on the Internet. The goods went to the post office after receiving the payment. A few days after taking the medicine, the effect of the pill appeared.
  • Christophe
    I noticed that I had to work hard to get an erection. At first I thought I was tired, but the problem persisted after the holidays, and I decided to see a doctor. He prescribed EffectEro capsules. He said that due to lack of exercise and physical exercise, strength has become weak. I started taking the capsules and the results appeared after 3 days.
  • Patrick
    I noticed this problem myself. My penis used to be in bed to deal with tasks, but here I was shocked that there was no erection. My friend suggested that I order EffectEro capsules. I ordered a 50% discount on the website. He started taking two tablets a day. After a week, everything was restored.
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